Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Perfect Picture of Summer 8/31/10

This is my first time choosing a prompt from the Writer's Workshop prompts that can be found over at Mama's Losin' It.  I desire to improve my writing, so I figured this was a great opportunity. Here is the prompt I chose:

 What five images paint a perfect picture of summer to you? Put those five images together in a piece of writing.

As I close my eyes and think of summer I see the girls playing outside in the sprinkler. The water is spraying the lawn as the girls hesitantly draw nearer.  Drops are falling all around and each one is hitting the ground as the girls are too afraid to have the water fall on them.  A little urging gets them nearer, a few drops on the arm, a drop on the face, hesitating again.  "It's okay," I reassure them, "Go on, it's just like the rain coming down. Let's get wet and cool down."  They walk along the edge, letting a few drops of water splash down on them, laughing and screeching, having a ball.  Eventually, they draw closer to the sprinkler itself, getting braver and sillier.  Running, but never daring to go over the source of the water, where the force behind the water would drench them.  Drench them, as the garden beside us is getting drenched.

A garden with splashes of color just outside my kitchen window.  That is what I dream of, that is what we hoped for as we purchased seeds and plants.  A garden growing the food we will enjoy as it ripens.  A plot of land that began barren and brown was tended to with loving hands.  Seeds were planted and watered with the afore mentioned sprinkler and occasionally by the loving hand of God in the form of gentle rain.  Okay, sometimes it can also be a drenching downpour, I have to admit it.  Either way the gardens, not just ours, but the neighbors' as well, thirstily drank the water provided for them.  And seeds began to sprout, growing taller as we watched day by day.  In the heart of the summer we look around and see gardens producing crunchy green beans and tender peas nestled in their pods, carrot greens sprout up hiding the color beneath the ground, huge heart shaped leaves keep zucchini hidden from view.  A mosaic of shades of green,with little splashes of color dot the landscape.  This is the miracle of our food that has sprung up from a tiny seed.  We are grateful to have our garden, though as I look out our kitchen window, I am disappointed that our garden doesn't look like the picture in my mind, like the garden down the street with gigantic plants. Yet, it is ours.  A supply of bright red tomatoes that are ripening faster than I can eat them.  

Beyond the garden, past the chain link fence, the town park beckons the children and I.  Evenings, when the day is finally cooling off after a day of sweltering heat, would find us walking through the grass or along the dirt path headed to one of three swing sets, where the girls could gallivant to their hearts content.  They would swing and slide til it was time to go for our walk.  Taking turns that sometimes only lasted for a few seconds before they wanted to experience something different.  

And of course what summer in America would be complete without a Independence Day fireworks display.  Time together watching the flashes, sparkles and shimmers high above our heads as we lounge on our blankets in the deepening night.

I end my summer musings with an image that speaks volumes to me.  Kick off your shoes and enjoy the feel of the cool grass on your feet.  Be free to enjoy the wonders and blessings of summer that the Lord our God has provided for us.

What is the perfect picture of summer for you?

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