Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall into Reading Question#3

It's Tuesday and a new question has been posted over at Callapidder Days.  Head on over there if you wish to play along.  If you haven't signed up for Fall into Reading yet, it is not too late to enter.  Just head on over.
Here is this week's question:
 Do you eat and/or drink while you’re reading? Or do you keep food and liquids far away from your books?

I had to think for a moment, but then realized I no longer eat when I am reading. Seeing as I am either reading in the bathroom, in bed or feeding the baby more than likely I am not eating. Even in the car I have just been reading. Though I guess I did read during lunch today for the first time in ages, because I just couldn’t put my book down. So to answer the question, I guess, no. Which I guess is good because I would just sit there eating mindlessly.

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