Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Musing Monday: July 26th

MizB over at Should Be Reading hosts Musing Mondays.  This is what I was asked to ponder this week.

Do you review books? If so, for who?
If not, have you ever thought about doing so? Why, or why not?
I realize the question being asked probably refers to publishing companies or such, but I wanted to state that I started reviewing when I became interested in Reading Challenges here in blog land.  I decided if I was going to read the books I wanted to review them too, so I could share my "thoughts, inspirations and weird ideas gleaned from each book" as I stated at the top of my blog.  
As I learned more about blogging and books I discovered that people get to keep free copies of books if they review the books for certain publishers.  I joined BookSneeze and thought it would be great if I could get these free books as I could then donate them to our church library if I felt the book was a good book.  You know, share the wealth.  I have yet to finish the first book I received though because I keep getting introduced to really good books through all these blogs I hop to.  I have tried getting a hold of other publishers, but I have never heard back from any of them.
Now, to ask a question.  If someone knows the answer I would appreciate if you could contact me in my comments.  I have seen that some people review books and then have a copy to do a giveaway with.  How do you get those extra books to give away?  Do only certain publishers offer that? Just wondering, thanks for your help.

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  1. A couple of people to check with: Jane from Moz Ezme and Winning Readings might know more. I know she reviews and reads lots of books. I think most of the books she gives away are her review copies, so she's covering shipping and such.

    Another person to check with is Annette over at Live, Learn, Love. I know she reviews books for several different people. She gave me the information to review for Tyndale, but that's about the only one I know of. I haven't received my first one from them yet, so no clue.


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